OT Integration

OT Integration
Anaesthetic Gas Scavenging Outlets
OT Integration refers to the ability to manage the various data modalities in an operating room, including video, audio, and digital images.

These images need to be displayed, routed, archived and controlled while operating.

OT Integration system could be broadly classified into following:

INTEGRATION CABLING: Cabling forms an integral part of any OT Integration System. High quality, armored cable for high speed, zero loss digital video transmission are used for connecting the various modalities inside the OT.
Medical Hose Assemblies
Simultaneous distribution of signal sources to one or more displays.

Input/Output connections using analog, digital and fiber standards.

Picture-in-picture, Picture-by-picture, Picture-on-picture capabilities

Configure video distribution via touch screen tablet interface.

Upgrades and maintains signal integrity

Anaesthetic Gas Scavenging Systems Med X Change, Inc. is a FDA registered Medical Device Company that produces Medical Video Recorders for the surgical environment.
High Definition Video Recording / Capture is an essential part of today’s Operating Room.
Surgical Video has a number of uses; including teaching and presentation, therefore the quality of the Medical Video is a key element.
Focusing on FULL 1080p video recording allows Med X Change to produce the most brilliant 1080p surgical video possible for the users.

Medical Hose Assemblies
OT Integration is incomplete without connecting Conference Hall or Lecture Theater of a hospital to its network.
The streaming module is fully capable of transmitting & streaming the desired video feed on the hospital network to conduct workshops, CME within the hospital.
It allows HD content to be streamed live to remote viewers using a standard browser over H-LAN.
The system supports two way audio streaming to facilitate audio communication over H-LAN.
Streaming through a secure network connection and encrypted video streams gives the surgeons confidence that their patient health information is protected, thus allowing an unlimited amount of health informatics to be exchanged for an improved collaboration experience.