Crash Rails & Medical Curtains

Hand Rails
Hand Rails Impact- resistant handrails are railings used on the wall of a building, designed to be grasped by the hand as a support while walking. As such they are an indispensible feature of a hospital’s internal environment. The continuous aluminum retainer and PVC extrusion technology protect the wall from impact, besides giving the handrails an elegant look. The handrail is easy to install and maintain, and is fire-resistant, anti-erode and anti-bacterial.
  • 5 ½” (140mm) height X 1.5” (38mm) gripping diameter extends 3” (76 mm) from the wall
  • Mounted on a sturdy .080” (2mm) thick, continuous aluminium retainer
  • Easy installation, clean-up and maintenance
  • All mounting fasteners are included with each order
  • Available in 24 standard colors, as well as several pattern and finish options
Wall Guards
Wall Guards Our impact- resistant wall guards are used to shield walls with their superior bumper protection. The PVC cover not only provides a nice surface, but is also fireproof and easy to install, clean and maintain.

Mounted on a .070” (1.8mm) thick continuous aluminium retainer. 080” (2 mm) thick scratch and stain resistant vinyl cover.

Corner Guards
MGI’s superior impact-resistant corner guards are used for a wide variety of applications to withstand abrasion and protect wall corners, while providing an altogether elegant and orderly appearance to hospital corridors and passageways. These corner guards offer a smooth transition from wall to wall and are easy to install, fireproof, anti-erode and anti-bacterial. One can choose from a variety of colours and models.

Curtains, Bag Holders And Tracks
MGI also supplies high quality medical curtains, transfusion bottle holders and tracks. The medical curtains have a drafty web design on the top, are fireproof and come in a variety of colours. The streamlined aluminium transfusion bottle holder is provided with five hooks and an easy mechanism to adjust its height as required.