Operation Theatre

Pre-fabricated Operating Room
Pre-fabricated Operating Room The most complex and challenging area of hospital construction is the operating department.

The large number of specialist requirements and the extensive range of services may cause serious co-ordination problems.

The MGI Theatreplan™ is a pre-engineered integrated approach to the construction and co-ordination of operating rooms.

The pre-engineered approach solves the problems of coordination, which may be encountered during the construction or refurbishment of the modern operating theatre department, whilst simultaneously providing a structure of the highest quality and standards.

A Treatise on Modular Operation Theatre and How It Helps in Reducing Nosocomial Infections


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  • The MGI Theatreplan™ is a free standing structure, constructed from composite, insulated, free standing IPS steel panels.
  • The inner wall panels are constructed to withstand strong impacts, such as from the bombardment of trolleys without significant damage to the panels.
  • All wall-mounted equipment is flush mounted and sealed into theatre wall by means of a sterile jointing system.
  • The wall panel design and construction allows for the installation and support of all equipment and the provision of openings required for the installations, without affecting rigidity and strength.
  • The inner surface of the operating theatre is seamless, free from visible joints and sharp edges.
  • The internal surfaces of the theatre is coated with a liquid plastic sterile coating, providing a clean and sealed surface.
Planair Ventilation Ceilings
Planair Ventilation Ceilings Bacteria cause infection within operating theatres.

In tests carried out by the UK Department of Health “Vertical Laminar Flow Ventilation” was found to reduce the amount of bacteria present in a typical operating theatre by a factor of 15,000.

MGI offers a selection of ceilings to suit all surgical applications.

Supplied with optional Air-conditioning and control systems, or as part of an existing mechanical services system, the MGI range of specialist ceilings reduce the risk of postoperative infection, whilst providing optimum comfort through the use of conditioned, filtered clean air.

The MGI range of ventilated ceilings have been specifically designed, type tested and certified in accordance with the German standard DIN 4799.

The system is designed to allow the client to select from a variety of lighting and diffuser arrangements to suit the specific requirements of the operating team.

The air / light diffusers consist of two layers of monofilament precision woven polyester of uniform porosity, with an open area of sufficient resistance to create laminar airflow from the diffuser face.

Diffusing air into the theatres, uniformly over the total area, the MGI range of ventilated ceilings provide the sterility and cleanliness required in today’s operating theatre environment.

Integral lighting provides an illumination level in excess of 1500-lux at the wound site and electronic stepless dimming down to 3%, without flicker.